The Importance Of Septic Tank Alarms


Septic Alarm System is used to alert the user about the rise of water level above the mark. It's used to notify the user about a failing submersible pump. Septic alarms are versatile in their application. They are commonly used in septic tanks, sump pits and holding tanks. Sump Pump Alarm System effectively senses and acknowledges the rising water level in the sump pump.

Types Of Septic Alarms:

· Outdoor Septic Tank Alarms:

Outdoor Septic Tank Alarms are designed to be waterproof as they have to bear the wrath of weather. They are generally positioned on a post or at the side of the house or along the bottom of the fence. The float switch connection runs from the septic tank to the alarm. Whenever the water level exceeds the permissible limits, a signal is triggered in the compound to alert the user.

· Pedestal Septic Tank Alarms:

Pedestal Septic Tank alarms are also manufactured for outdoor installations. They are shielded from damage as they come with their pedestal post to be concealed into the ground.

· Indoor Septic Tank Alarms:

Indoor Septic Tank Alarms are specially designed to be installed near a shed, inside a garage or home. They are more fragile, so they need an indoor installation. They don't have water-resistant covering as they are mounted indoors. The float switch will trigger an alarm on the high water level. These alarms can give more external triggers like buzzing or led light or outer dial with the help of auxiliary contacts.

· Wireless Septic Tank Alarms:

Wireless is the new age technology. A wireless instalment can be conveniently attached anywhere hassle-free with no dangling wire. This type of septic tank alarm system saves the cost of wiring. A WiFi-enabled alarm ensures connectivity through text and email notifies the current status of the alarm.